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"Omakase" translates roughly as "I trust you [the chef]." In its English usage, however, it is sometimes misconstrued as a tasting menu. It is much deeper than that. It means you're leaving the decision of what food is served to the chef's judgment, based on what is available and in season that day and your allergies or food restrictions.

The Okra Bar omakase menu is not available before serving for these reasons.

The menu is divided into: composed dish courses featuring seasonal and preserved vegetables based on Max's time spent with shojin ryori chef Hiroshi Nakahara and highlights ingredients grown both on the roof and from small farms throughout the region; the nigiri sushi course featuring 10-12 pieces of fish and shellfish in various states of ageing; the freshwater eel course; the soup course using different chinese and asian medicinal herbs; the dessert course featuring seasonal fruit meant to end the meal on a light note.

It i’s hard to believe how fast 2017 just flew by, no? Whether you've had a great year or a not-very-notable one, join us on the night of 31 December wrap things up with our friends & fellow Sai Ying Pun neighbours at Ping Pong 129 Ginoteria. Chef Max Levy & team will be serving up a truly unique eight-course farewell-to-2017 menu all night. Paired with Ping Pong's amazing gin selection, your 2018 will definitely be pretty fly
by Butler at Okra
The much anticipated reenactment of our original Four Hands Dinner featuring the mixology of Yuta Inagaki of Bar Butler.

This limited engagement will explore the different flavours that can be created on the palate when dashi is combined with alcohol in 10 courses.
Saturday, Dec 16th
Seatings Available
6pm , 8pm & 11:00pm

Dry-Ageing Workshop #2
In response to overwhelming demand, Chef Max will host an encore lunch presentation on ageing fish for consumption & explain "fish ageing" techniques & philosophies. A rare opportunity to learn the 'how,' 'what,' 'why,' & 'how long before it goes off?' of aging raw fish.
A light lunch is included.
Read the Hong Kong Tatler article about the first presentation here!
December 2nd,
11:30 am - 1:30pm
In a series of experiences curated by T. Dining by Hong Kong Tatler celebrating the culinary art of dim sum, Okra Hong Kong's Max Levy & Chef Lee Man Sing of Mott 32 team up to create unique dishes fusing Cantonese & Japanese ingredients & traditions for a dim sum experience like no other.

November 12th,
with Miyasaka & Yucho Shuzos
Two of our favorite sake brewers Miyasaka-San (Masumi & Miyasaka) & Yamamato-San of Yucho (Kaze no Mori & Takacho) in an extremely limited dinner experience. With dishes especially created to pair with the legendary #7 yeast and the sakes brewed from it by the respected breweries.
June 22nd & 23rd,
by Butler at Okra
Limited experimental engagement featuring the mixology of Yuta Inagaki of Bar Butler. Nine cocktails were created to expertly pair or contrast nine different dishes both cooked and raw.
March 3rd & 4th, 2017
No disability access
We are located on the top of one flight of stairs. There is no lift access.
No perfume
Please refrain from wearing any strong perfumes as they may cloud the flavours of sushi.
No walkins
Reservations only. Strictly no walk-ins will be accepted.
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